The Center for Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development in Occupational Therapy is the faculty practice of the Graduate Program in Occupational Therapy. Our goal is to develop a community of professionals who want to learn, who want to collaborate with each other and other professionals and who want to share time and knowledge with the wider community.

Mission of the Center:

  • Provide a community of learning, serving and support through which Occupational Therapists can develop professionally, access professional resources, communicate with each other, share professional expertise and serve the communities in which they live.
  • Facilitate the relationship between the clinical community, the university community and the general public
  • Provide affordable opportunities for Occupational Therapists to meet the requirements for NBCOT re-certification and for licensure.
  • Advance knowledge about Occupational Therapy in the wider community

More Information:

Mary-Ellen Johnson, OTD, MAHSM, OTR/L
Tel: 203 396-8210

Cambridge Campus, 7 Cambridge Drive, Trumbull CT