Transfer Students

Transfer of Credits

Students interested in transferring into the Graduate Occupational Therapy Program from another occupational therapy program may do so at the discretion of the Program director depending on the student’s qualifications, reason for transfer, and available seats. Transfer students must adhere to Sacred Heart University’s residency and course grade requirements for transferring into graduate programs (See Residency Requirements in the Academic Standards section of Sacred Heart University’s Graduate Bulletin). Only graduate level courses in which the student earned a grade of B or better will be considered for transfer credit. Students interested in transferring into the graduate occupational therapy program must meet admission criteria and complete an application with the Office of Graduate Admissions.

The Graduate Occupational Therapy Program consists of 76 credits. The University’s residency requirement is that graduate transfer students take a minimum of 60% of those credits, or a minimum of 46 credits at Sacred Heart University. Additionally, the Occupational Therapy curriculum reflects the program’s philosophy based on problem-based learning pedagogy, our P.R.I.D.E. Vision, Mission, and philosophy to prepare reflective practitioners therefore transfer students are required to take all courses rooted in these philosophies and PBL pedagogy regardless of the number of credits that qualify for transfer. These include: OT OT504-Therapeutic Use of Self I; OT606-Therapeutic Use of Self II; OT532-Portfolio I; OT562-Portofolio II; OT561-Capstone Project I; OT604-Capstone Project II; OT534-Evidence Based Seminar in Pediatrics; OT535-Problem Based Learning in Pediatrics; OT537-Evidence Based Seminar in Adolescence; OT538-Problem Based Learning in Adolescence; OT 564-Evidence Based Seminar in Adulthood; OT565 Problem Based Learning in Adulthood; OT567-Evidence Based Seminar in Geriatrics; OT568 Problem Based Learning in Geriatrics; OT602 Special Topics in Occupational Therapy Practice; OT691-Level II Fieldwork; and OT693-Level II Fieldwork.