Degree Requirements

The program consists of four academic trimesters followed by two 12-week experiences of full time supervised clinical fieldwork. Each academic trimester includes courses that span the trimester. Course work during the academic trimesters is completed during the day as a full-time cohort. The supervised clinical fieldwork is full-time with the hours determined by the clinical site.
The full time program sequence is completed in two calendar years including summers. Successful completion of all course work, level I and II fieldwork, a completed portfolio, and the Capstone project, poster presentation, and defense are required for graduation. Level II fieldwork experiences must be successfully completed within 24 months of completion of coursework. Note: A felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination and/or attain state licensure. Some fieldwork sites require students to undergo criminal back ground and/or substance use checks, and or fingerprinting. The costs for these checks are the student’s responsibility.

Within the program, a passing grade on any individual course is a C or above. Any course with a grade below a C will result in the need to retake that course.
All graduate students at Sacred Heart University must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to obtain a degree from this University.

Required Courses 

Fall Trimester, Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT501 Intro to OT (3cr)
  • OT546 Human Occupation & Activity Analysis (3 cr)
  • OT505 Health Policy and Law (2 cr)
  • OT504 TUOS (2 cr)
  • OT523 Applied Functional Anatomy & Neuroscience (4 cr)
  • OT524 Human Conditions Across the Lifespan (3 cr)
  • OT525 Health & Wellness: Personal Journey (.5cr)

Spring Trimester Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT503 Research I (2 cr)
  • OT526 Topics in Mental Health (2 cr)
  • OT527 PBL in Mental Health (3 cr)
  • OT528 Clinical Lab in Mental Health (5 cr)
  • OT529 Level I FW & seminar: Mental Health (.5 cr)
  • OT530 Groups (2 cr)
  • OT543 Needs Assessment & Program Development (3 cr)

Summer Trimester Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT531 Research II: Single Subject Design (2 cr)
  • OT542 Health, Prevention & Well-being (2 cr)
  • OT574 Topics in Adults & Geri (2 cr)
  • OT575 PBL: Adults & Geri (3 cr) 
  • OT576 Clinical Lab: Adults & Geri (5 cr)
  • OT577 Level I FW & Seminar: Adults & Geri (1 cr)
  • OT578 Capstone I: Planning, Permissions, & Approval (1.5 cr)

Fall Trimester Academic Year Two: Full Trimester

  • OT545 Topics inPediatrics & Adolescence (2 cr)
  • OT549 PBL:Pediatrics & Adolescence (3 cr)
  • OT547 Clinical Lab: Pediatrics & Adolescence (5 cr)
  • OT548 Level I FW & Seminar: Pediatrics & Adolescence (1 cr)
  • OT607 Leadership & Management  (3 cr)
  • OT608 Capstone II: Implementation (1.5 cr)

Spring Trimester Academic Year Two:  Full Trimester

  • OT691 Level II FW (4 cr)

Summer Trimester Academic Year Two: Full Trimester

  • OT609 Portfolio (1 cr)
  • OT693 Level II FW (4 cr)