Degree Requirements

The program consists of four academic trimesters followed by two 12-week experiences of full-time supervised clinical fieldwork. Each academic trimester includes courses that span the trimester. Course work during the academic trimesters is completed during the day and evening as a full-time cohort. The supervised clinical fieldwork is full-time with the hours determined by the clinical site.
The full time program sequence is completed in two calendar years including summers. Successful completion of all course work, level I and II fieldwork, a completed portfolio, and the Capstone project, poster presentation, and defense are required for graduation. Level II fieldwork experiences must be successfully completed within 24 months of completion of coursework. Note: A felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination and/or attain state licensure. Some fieldwork sites require students to undergo criminal back ground and/or substance use checks, and or fingerprinting. The costs for these checks are the student’s responsibility.

Within the program, a passing grade on any individual course is a C or above. Any course with a grade below a C will result in the need to retake that course. Student must successfully complete all first trimester foundational courses as they are prerequisite to subsequent trimesters.
All graduate students at Sacred Heart University must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to obtain a degree from this University.

Required Courses 

Fall Trimester, Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT501 Intro to OT (3cr)
  • OT546 Human Occupation & Activity Analysis (3 cr)
  • OT505 Health Policy and Law (2 cr)
  • OT504 TUOS (2 cr)
  • OT523 Applied Functional Anatomy & Neuroscience (4 cr)
  • OT524 Human Conditions Across the Lifespan (3 cr)
  • OT525 Health & Wellness: Personal Journey (.5cr)

Spring Trimester Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT503 Research I (2 cr)
  • OT526 Topics in Mental Health (2 cr)
  • OT527 PBL in Mental Health (3 cr)
  • OT528 Clinical Lab in Mental Health (5 cr)
  • OT529 Level I FW & seminar: Mental Health (.5 cr)
  • OT530 Groups (2 cr)
  • OT543 Needs Assessment & Program Development (3 cr)

Summer Trimester Academic Year One: Full Trimester

  • OT531 Research II: Single Subject Design (2 cr)
  • OT542 Health, Prevention & Well-being (2 cr)
  • OT574 Topics in Adults & Geri (2 cr)
  • OT575 PBL: Adults & Geri (3 cr) 
  • OT576 Clinical Lab: Adults & Geri (5 cr)
  • OT577 Level I FW & Seminar: Adults & Geri (1 cr)
  • OT578 Capstone I: Planning, Permissions, & Approval (1.5 cr)

Fall Trimester Academic Year Two: Full Trimester

  • OT545 Topics inPediatrics & Adolescence (2 cr)
  • OT549 PBL:Pediatrics & Adolescence (3 cr)
  • OT547 Clinical Lab: Pediatrics & Adolescence (5 cr)
  • OT548 Level I FW & Seminar: Pediatrics & Adolescence (1 cr)
  • OT607 Leadership & Management  (3 cr)
  • OT608 Capstone II: Implementation (1.5 cr)

Spring Trimester Academic Year Two:  Full Trimester

  • OT691 Level II FW (4 cr)

Summer Trimester Academic Year Two: Full Trimester

  • OT609 Portfolio (1 cr) *may be offered in Spring or Summer Trimester of Academic Year 2
  • OT693 Level II FW (4 cr)