Today is Tuesday, January 27: all classes have been canceled today and Wednesday, January 28.  University offices remain closed today but will reopen at 10 a.m. tomorrow.  All essential services employees report as scheduled. For additional information, visit the SHU Campus Alert page.

Faculty & Staff


Ivy Sailer
Academic Assistant
Cambridge Building 1-O-03
Tel: 203-365-4771
Fax: 203-396-8206

Department Chair

Jody Bortone, OT/L, EdD
Associate Professor
Cambridge 1-O-14
Tel: 203-396-8023
Fax: 203-396-8206

Admission Info

Kathy Dilks
Executive Director of Graduate Admissions
Curtis Hall
Tel: 203-365-7619



Adjunct Faculty

  • Carolyn Auddino, MS, OTR/L
  • Cynthia Barwise, OTR/L
  • Janet Betts, MARS
  • Tajhma Burroughs, MS, OTR/L
  • Lisa M. Cyr, OTD, OTR/L
  • Lou Elmo, MS, OTR/L
  • Moira Ethier, MSGRW, OTR/L
  • Kim Flynn, MPH, OTR/L
  • Murielle Lamour, MS, OTR/L
  • Karen Crane Macdonald, Ph.D., OTR/L
  • Ellen M. Martino, MS, OTR/L
  • Margaret Metzger, MS, OTR/L
  • Nicole Peloso, MS, OTR/L
  • Pamela Story, OTD, OTR, CPAM
  • Cindy Taylor, MS, OTR/L
  • Dena Wald, MS, OTR/L 
  • Debra Widman, MS, OTR/L