Nursing Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Science | ON GROUND
The BSN helps prepares women and men for the professional practice of nursing in a variety of settings such as hospitals, home care agencies and community-based health care facilities, providing all the educational background expected from a college of nursing.
The program is specifically designed for RN students returning to college to finish their baccalaureate education.
Clinical Nurse Leader | ONLINE
Designed to focus on the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill this new role, this specialization shows you how to evaluate patient outcomes, assess risk, and coordinate with other health care professionals to ensure high quality care. The program prepares students to sit for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing CNL Certificate Exam.
Patient Care Services Administration | ONLINE
This specialization prepares you for nursing leadership positions with a high level of administrative responsibility.  You'll learn how to use business and information management, integration of finances, and program evaluation, as tools to provide effective and efficient care in your organization.

Nursing Education | ONLINE
Complement your clinical experience with skills in teaching and learning to prepare the next generation of nurses.  The curriculum is designed to provide you with an understanding of issues in nursing education, curriculum design and evaluation theory, and experience in the faculty role role needed to provide training in a college of nursing or other educational setting.
Graduate Programs - DNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice | ON GROUND
Focused on practice with innovation and practical clinical research and scholarship and designed to serve academically talented nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, midwives, nurse anesthetists, nurse executives, and educators.

Graduate Programs - MSN

Clinical Nurse Leader ONLINE
The Clinical Nurse leader track is designed to prepare RNs with a Bachelor’s degree for the newly designed and evolving role of Clinical Nurse Leader.

Family Nurse Practitioner | ON GROUND & ONLINE COURSES
The Family Nurse Practitioner program consists of 42 graduate credit hours and is designed to prepare the RN with a Bachelor’s degree to become a certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Patient Care Services Administration | ONLINE
The Patient Care Services Administration program is designed to prepare RNs with a Bachelor’s degree for positions of administrative responsibility in healthcare organizations.

Nursing Education ONLINE
This Masters in Nursing Education is a 39 credit course sequence covering core Masters level foundational coursework with Specialization courses covering educational theory and curriculum design and evaluation, culminating in a role practicum experience, all of which provides the skills necessary to instruct the next generation of nursing professionals in a college of nursing or other educational setting.


Home Health Care Management for RNs | ONLINE
This certificate program in Home Health Care Management is designed for nurses in management positions in Home Health Agencies to meet the state of Connecticut DPH requirements.

Family Nurse Practitioner | ON GROUND
The program is designed to prepare the student who currently possesses a Master’s degree in nursing to become eligible for certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.