Community Experiences

Bridgeport Community Health Center
This is a federally funded inner city primary care center that provides primary care and specialty services as needed to medically underserved and indigent people in the area.

Bridgeport Schools
The Bridgeport school system affords a variety of opportunities for students to observe children. Experiences may include time spent in Head Start or similar programs for younger children.

City of Bridgeport Department of Health
A variety of services are available and used by the nursing program. For example, students have experiences in specialty clinics, school health and the senior health center. Students engage in health promoting education projects appropriate to the age group as part of their learning experience.

Stratford Visiting Nurse Service
This community agency is one of several home care agencies that the nursing program has available to provide student experience in understanding about community services and to provide care to patients in their homes. The clinical experience takes place in the senior year.

Visiting Nurse Services of Connecticut
This community agency in Bridgeport has been providing service to the greater Bridgeport community for over 90 years. There are branch offices in Trumbull, Norwalk and Oxford that are used as well. They provide a variety of services including telemonitoring. Students have a variety of experiences that includes observation of the varied interdisciplinary partners involved in patient care such as physical therapy and occupational therapy. Students also provide care and teaching to patients and family members in the home.

Clairol – A Subdivision of Proctor & Gamble
Experiences in places such as Clairol afford students the opportunity to participate in community health activities associated with specific populations. Students work with the occupational health nurse who has responsibilities for employees whose work activities range from research and development to the online manufacturing of Clairol products.

Bic- a subdivision of Energizer, is similar to Clairol, that allows students to work with the occupational health nurse to identify and provide a health education program.

Sacred Heart University/St. Charles Health & Wellness Center
This center, located in a local inner city Bridgeport parish, provides interdisciplinary services by health care professionals at Sacred Heart University. Services include health screening, health promotion, health education and referrals.

Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner Program
A variety of primary care and specialty settings are available to students throughout their program. The clinical experiences allow students to function at an advanced practice in level in the realm of medical diagnosis and treatment. More than 200 practices and care locations have been used over the last few years, fostering wide access to different types of settings.

Graduate Program in Patient Care Services Administration
Many hospitals, home care agencies and other health facilities provide placements for graduate administration students to work with an identified preceptor to implement a major project within the organization. Sites are selected in collaboration with the student to assure a good match between their interests and the preceptor and site focus and opportunities.