Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose the BSHS degree?
The BSHS degree allows flexibility in career choices and helps to make your goals a reality. Depending on your career goals the BSHS will prepare you with the necessary basic sciences that are the most common prerequisites for any graduate school program. The BSHS advisor is knowledgeable in the each of the health care fields and will assist you in planning your course selections.

What careers will a Bachelor of Science in Health Science prepare me for?
There are many opportunities to utilize your BSHS degree. Some graduates will be prepared to pursue a variety clinical and leadership positions within the health care professions.

The follow list is just a few of the Allied Health Care fields available to you:

Occupational Therapy
Physical therapy
Physician Assistants
Hospital Administration
Marketing and Public relations
Health related and software development
Long term care administration
Communications and media
Technology research and development
Community organizing
Counseling and patient education
Policy and Government
Patient or client relations
Teaching and Education
Worksite wellness
I have an associate degree, how many credits will SHU transfer into the program?
The BSHS advisor along with the University College representative will work with you to determine how to maximize your credits. In general, SHU has a generous transfer credit allowing 66 credits to be transferred to your degree.

As a part-time student can I enter into the Pre-professional tract?
Yes. It is advisable that you meet with the HS student advisor to ensure the appropriate course selections.

I have an associate degree in business; can I transfer into the Leadership track?
No, the program is designed only for students holding an associate degree in health related fields.

I have an associate degree in business; can I transfer into the Pre-Professional track?
Yes. It is advisable that you meet with the HS student advisor to ensure the appropriate course selections.

Who would benefit from this program?
Those student entering health-related graduate and professional schools and those who wish to continue their education beyond an associate degree.

How can a BSHS aide me in a managerial or leadership position?
The degree will enable an individual to pursue a management position within their current organization, increase their marketing potential for career advancement, and allow them to enter a graduate degree program.

Are there any prerequisites needed to enter into the program?
Any individual with a high school diplomas and interest in health science can apply to the BSHS degree in the pre-professional track. Those considering the leadership track must have an associate degree.

How many credits are required for graduation?
SHU requires 120 credits for completion of a bachelor’s degree. The BSHS major consists of 18 core courses and 30 HS electives.

How and when are courses offered?
The health science courses are offered in the traditional classroom format as well as online.

What type of support is available to students enrolled in the program?
A full-time Health Science academic advisor will aid you in developing your plan of study based on your specific career goals.

What type of credentials does the faculty hold?
The full-time faculty are doctorial prepared and have healthcare professional education and experience.

How do I get started?

If you are a new incoming freshman:
If you are a transfer student:
  • Complete the transfer application process
  • Meet with the HS Academic Advisor to discuss course selections
If you are an adult or part-time student:
  • Complete the application process
  • Meeting with a university college representative to discuss transfer credits and course selections