Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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SHU’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students interested in pursuing a health-related career or continuing on to graduate school to obtain an advanced degree in the health care field.

What Will I Study?

There are two tracks (Leadership and Pre-Professional) offered which are designed to help you prepare to work in the health-related industry, or pursue an advanced degree in a occupational therapy, physical therapy, pre-medical, physician assistant, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-osteopathic, nutrition or speech-language pathology. 

Health Science Fact Sheet

Both degree tracks will prepare graduates to:

  • Understand current trends in health care, health care systems, policy and environments
  • Be aware of the legal issues, health and social care policies, issues and trends as they influence health care environments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of disparities to accessing health care apply knowledge in clinical settings
  • Uphold the ethical standards, values and attitudes appropriate to health care professionals
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the multicultural and multi-contextual diversity of a client base and demonstrate cultural competence in interactions with colleagues and clients in health care systems
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in visioning, strategic planning and managing change
  • Establish managerial skills in budgeting and finance, management of personnel, safety, information systems, and technology in health care environments
  • Study the current and best available health care research and apply evidence-based practices to clinical scenarios

Additionally, the Health Sciences Pre-Professional Track will prepare you to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in the foundational sciences and humanities necessary to pursue a pre-professional graduate education
  • Continue your pursuit of education in the acquisition of a graduate and/or terminal degree in a chosen health care profession 

Are there special admissions or degree requirements?

Sacred Heart University’s Health Sciences baccalaureate curriculum is made up of five components with a total of 120 credits of study required:

  • The Foundational Core
  • Common Core
  • Elective Core
  • Health Sciences Major Core
  • Health Sciences Leadership or Health Science Pre-Professional program electives

A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at Sacred Heart University (the residence requirement). Additionally, a minimum of 24 credits (representing one half of the 48 credits in the Health Science major) must be taken at Sacred Heart University. It is expected that many students will transfer up to 30 credits for their health care discipline work at the associate degree level; and additional credits may be transferred for other courses required in the plan of study.

Why Choose To Study Health Sciences At SHU?

Choose to pursue a degree in Health Sciences at a University with numerous options and proven expertise. SHU’s undergraduate degree provides you with rigorous academic preparation, exceptional clinical experiences and research opportunities. Additionally, SHU’s College of Health Sciences offers nationally accredited graduate and doctoral programs for men and women in health-related fields.

What Is My Career Outlook Once I Have My Bachelor’s?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment in the health care field and technical occupations are expected to increase by 21 percent by the year 2018. This growth will represent 1.6 million new jobs.

Students pursuing advanced clinical degrees through the Pre-Professional Track will work with the BSHS student advisor to select course offerings to prepare them for the career of their choice.

The Leadership Track will prepare students to assume roles as department heads, hospital or clinic administrators and supervisors of department personnel.