Global Health Concentration

The Bachelor of Health Science Global Health concentration is tailored to the needs of today’s health professions graduates to be knowledgeable in global issues and acquire the skills and abilities necessary to thrive in a competitive, globalized healthcare setting.

Students who graduate from the Global Health concentration will be prepared for a graduate program in their specific pre-professional program in addition to a graduate program in global public health, entry level employment in private and government global health agencies, various fellowship opportunities, or work with non-governmental institutions.
Small child in Africa

Core Courses | 21 credits

  • MA 132 Biostats
  • HS 230 Introduction to Global Health
  • EC 211 The Economics of Social Issues
  • HS 304 Community & Public Health
  • HS 314 Epidemiology
  • HS 332 Global Health Systems
  • HS 334 Culture and Global Health

Elective Courses | 9 credits

  • HS 303 Health Ed. & Promotion
  • HS 307 Holistic Medicine
  • PO 242 International Organizations
  • SO 254 Society and Global Economic Change
  • PO 341 International Law
  • TRS 342 Human Rights

Participating in a Global Health Program in Guatemala, India or the Lakota Reservation, or Study Abroad experience is not required but strongly encouraged.