Course Descriptions

GW 201 Health and Wellness in Later Life     3 CR
This course is designed to guide the student interested in health promotion topics for elders through an experiential learning process using contemporary literature and films, as well as real life applications of health promotion in local health and human service organizations. The student gains both an appreciation and an understanding of the issues, service systems and resources pertinent to health promotion efforts for those in later life. A service learning project is a required course activity.  Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

GW 203 Frailty and Chronic Illness in Later Life     3 CR
This course is designed to introduce students interested in careers in health and human services to the various aspects of living with chronic illness or physical frailty as experienced by older adults and their families. The course includes a didactic component that focuses on the medical, functional, psychological, spiritual, and sociocultural issues associated with chronic illness and/or frailty, and uses the research literature as well as contemporary literature and films as resources. The course will meet both for on-site (classroom) discussion, and for online learning using the Blackboard system. The community-based service component of the course is an “adoptive grandparent” friendly visiting program with older adults who are living in assisted living or long-term care facilities near the campus. Students also explore the formal and informal support networks that impact on quality of life for frail or chronically ill older adults. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.