Assessment of Kinematic Symmetry During Y-Balance Test

  • Purpose: To determine the level of symmetry of lower extremity kinematics in a healthy cohort of active athletes that do not display YBT performance asymmetry. In other words, do healthy athletes demonstrate similar motor strategies when performing the YBT with their non-dominant and dominant legs?
  • Investigators: Eric Scibek, Matthew Moran
  • Call for Participants: Recreational athletes, between the ages fo 18-30 years old, engaged in sport-related activity 3+ times per week. Contact Eric Scibek if interested in participating.

Influence of Cadence Control on Metabolic Demands and Lower Extremity Kinematics in Lower-Limb Positive Pressure Treadmill

  • Purpose: To determine proper training protocol when using the Alter-G for performance rehabilitation
  • Investigators: Matthew Moran, Brendan Rickert
  • Call for Participants: 18+ male and female distance runners who have been consistently training for 4 years and with no running related injuries in the previous 6 months. Contact Brendan Rickert in interested in participating.

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