Services and Pricing

Body Composition

BOD POD® Analysis  
This gold-standard,  non-invasive test uses air displacement technology to measure body composition. (SHU discount 50%)

One test: $75

Testing Package 1: Two tests for $130 Testing Package 2: Four tests for $160 Testing Package 3: Six tests for $200

Testing Package 4: Eight tests for $240 Testing Package 5: Ten tests for $280 Testing Package 6: Twelve tests for $320

Skinfold Analysis (via Lange skinfold calipers) 
A body composition test that involves seven testing sites that are measured through a trained profession using calipers. (SHU discount 50%)

7-site skinfold analysis: $50

Performance Measurements

VO2 Max (via ParvoMedics® Metabolic Systems)
For the high-level athlete, this test can be administered on a treadmill or stationary bike depending on your sport specific demands. The results of this test can be used to help take your training to the next level. (SHU discount 50%)

Cost: $130

Lactate Threshold Test (via Lactate Plus® Lactate Analyzer) 

This test involves a multi-stage test for the high-level athletes where blood samples are taken to help determine your lactate threshold. This test can be for all types of endurance athletes and results from this test can be beneficial for training. (SHU discount 50%) For cyclists Power and Heart Rate at Lactate Threshold will be identified and training zones will be created based on these numbers.

Cost: $160

Non-Invasive Cycling Lactate Threshold Test
This 30min test can be used to estimate Lactate Threshold for cycling. It will take place on a stationary bike and an estimate of Power and Heart Rate at Lactate Threshold will be identified and training zones will be created based on these numbers. 

Cost: $50

Pedaling Analysis
Basic Analysis
Pedaling technique will be analyzed for symmetry between legs and throughout pedal stroke. This will identify if a cyclist favors one leg over the other and has any dead spots in their pedaling stroke making them less efficient.

Cost: $50

Biomechanical Analysis

3D motion analysis (via Qualysis) and 2D video with analysis
This state of the art motion analysis system will allow for in-depth analysis of form and mechanics for both performance and lifestyle changes. (SHU discount $75)

Cost: $450

2D motion analysis
An in-depth analysis of movement patterns for all ranges of activities and sports. (SHU discount $50)

Cost: $250

Bike Fit
Using 2D video analysis and other tools the cyclist’s bike will be fitted to their body.

Cost: $75

Alter-G Session

The Alter-G treadmill offers an artificial reduction in weight to help reduce the stress placed on lower extremity joints and muscles. This is a great rehabilitation tool.

Cost:  $30 per half-hour session; $300/month unlimited. Shorts fee- $5 rental or purchase your own pair

Functional Movement Screen

This 10-test battery helps determine your strengths and weakness before beginning a exercise program.

Cost: $100

Program Planning
For both the healthy and injured, customized training programming will be created on a monthly basis with each individuals goals, limitations, and scheduling in mind. This includes unlimited email contact and a consult.

Cost: $150 for non-rehab, $175 for post-rehab (unlimited email contact post session)

Package:  $200 combined

Nutritional Counseling

During this one-hour session, your diet and exercise routines will be assessed and together you will come up with a plan to best suit your goals for a lifestyle change. 

Cost: $150 for one hour session

Group Exercise Classes

A one-hour long fitness class will take place with you and up to 7 others! This small group allows for personal attention while creating a fun atmosphere to exercise in.

Cost: 4 - 6 people ($10/session for 10 sessions minimum).  $15/session for non-SHU

Personal Training

After an initial baseline assessment, the individual will work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer. Each session is customized to your goals and ability level with research based progression and program planning.

Evaluation: $100 non-SHU; $50 SHU

Sessions: $80/hour non-SHU; $50 SHU 


An initial evaluation of current fitness and ability level will first be assessed in our state-of-the-art facility. Following testing a month long workout schedule will be sent to you with unlimited email contact. Specific workout plans for 5Ks, 10Ks, half and full marathons.

Cost: $70/month (SHU discount 50%)  

Combined package (running): includes 3D gait analysis, 1 LT test, 1 nutritional session, 5 hour Alter-G sessions (per month), coaching, $600 initial, $200 per month after. Does not include gait, LT, or nutritional session. 

Payments & Discounts

All payments are due in full at time of service. Cash or Check only! Checks made out to "Sacred Heart University or SHU"

Special discounting is available for certain groups, please contact us for more details*

*Only one discount applies per individual or group

Missed appointments result in a $50 fee. (Pending circumstances) 

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