Valerie Wherley, Ph.D.

Valerie Wherley, Ph.D.

Clinical Asst Professor/Undergrad Clinical Coor.

Professional Affiliations

  • American College of Sports Medicine: Member
  • American College of Sports Medicine: New England Regional Division: Member
  • North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine: Member

Volunteer Work

  • USA Fitness Corps first "Fitness Fun Day" staff volunteer, along with 17 SHU students, Bronx, NY (October 2010)
  • PawPALS program, Longfellow Elementary School, Bridgeport, CT

Degrees and Certifications

    • B.S., Exercise Science, University of Maine, 1995
    • M.S., Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Maine, 1997
    • Ph.D., (ABD), Kinesiology, University of Connecticut, 2002
    • Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, University of Connecticut, 2004


    • Youth Exercise Specialist (YES), 2013, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Teaching Responsibilities

    • EX 100 - Introduction to Exercise Science
    • EX 299 - Health & Fitness: An Irish Perspective
    • EX 320 - Special Application of Exercise
    • EX 366 - Clinical Rotations
    • EX 367 - Internship

Research Interests & Grants

    • Prevention strategies for childhood obesity, pediatric exercise intervention programs, field-based research.
    • Faculty Member in the Presidential Seminar on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, 2012-2013
    • Academic Creative Teaching Grant (ACT), May 2013.


Publications and Presentations

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    Longmuir, P.; Colley, R.; Tremblay, M.; and Wherley, V. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Position Stand: Benefit and Risk for Promoting Childhood Physical Activity. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. Vol. 39. DOI:

    VanHeest, J.L, J. Stoppani, T.P. Scheett, V. Collins, M. Roti, J. Anderson, G.J. Allen, J. Hoffman, W.J. Kraemer, and C.M. Maresh. Effects of ibuprofen and Vicoprofen (R) on physical performance after exercise-induced muscle damage. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation 11:224-234, 2002.

    Armstrong, L.E., M.J. De Souza, J.L. VanHeest, J. Stoppani, N.R. Keith, T.A. Elliott, T.P. Scheett, B.E. Miller, V.A. Collins, D.R. Bolster, S.L. Gaffin, and C.M. Maresh. Effects of exogenous hormones on thermal & metabolic responses of young women during physical training/heat acclimation. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA, April, 2000.

    VanHeest, J.L., T.P. Scheett, A. Eliakim, V.A. Collins, C.M. Maresh and D. M. Cooper. VO2 peak, total energy ependiture (TEE) and the effect of training pre-T adolescent females. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA, April, 2000.

    Scheett, T.P., J. Stoppani, J.L. VanHeest, V.A. Collins, H.L. Hatch, J.W. Sutherland, M.R. D'Alfonso, L.E. Armstrong, J.R. Hoffman, W.J. Kraemer, and C.M. Maresh. Pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine profile during and following ecentric exercise-induced muscle damage. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Orlando, FL, March, 2001.

    Poster Presentation

    Collins, V.A., T.P. Scheett, J.L. VanHeest, C.M. Maresh, and D.M. Cooper. Relationship between VO2 and heart rate in nonsteady states of exercise in children. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA, April, 2000.


    "A Successful fusion of an Undergraduate Exercise Science Curriculum and Service Learning Objectives" NEACSM, Nov., 2011

    "Implementation of a Clinical Education Model Across Academic Disciplines" Higher Education Pedagogy Conference, Virginia Tech, February 2013

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