Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab is utilized to conduct activities to demonstrate the effects of exercise primarily on the cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems. Examination of aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, body composition, pulmonary function, cardiac function and muscular strength and power are among the lab activities conducted. The equipment in the lab allows students and faculty to thoroughly assess fitness for the purpose of baseline testing, preliminary diagnostic screening and exercise prescription. Outcome data is collected for the Life & Sport Analysis Clinic and the University Athletics program. Members of the community engaged in competitive and recreational physical activity are also assessed. The laboratory is equipped with the following testing devices:

  • Parvo Metabolic Cart 
  • Bod Pod
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Woodway Desmo Human Performance Treadmill
  • Strength, Power & Flexibility
  • Agility Testing & Training
  • Blood, Lactate and Lipids Measurement
  • Pulmonary Function and Oxygen Saturation
  • Free Weights and Resistance Tubing

Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Motion Analysis Laboratory, located on the Oakview Campus, is a 2500 square foot facility that serves as the clinical facility for the Life & Sport Analysis Clinic, teaching laboratory, and space for collaborative research projects within the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science. The laboratory is equipped with the following contemporary equipment and software necessary to measure the dynamics of human movement from both a normal and pathological perspective:

  • 10-camera Qualysis OQUS hi-resolution 3-D motion analysis system
  • Qualisys Track Manager software
  • Two AMTI force plates
  • GaitRite walkway gait analysis system
  • 8-channel surface electromyography system (Therapeutics Unlimited, Inc.)
  • Five hi-speed Casio digital video cameras that record video up to 1000 frames/second
  • Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • Alter-G Treadmill
  • Olympic Power Rack
  • Software: LabView, MATLAB
  • Current Motion Analysis Lab Schedule

Lab Director: Matthew Moran, Ph.D.

Human Anatomy Lab

This lab serves as a resource center for students in physical and occupational therapy, athletic training and exercise science. The lab includes artificial models of skeleton, muscle, joints and organs. The lab also has prosected (previously dissected) cadaver specimens for examination, guided instruction and study prepared by faculty and graduate student assistants. The lab is designed for guided individual study and small group instruction and is not a required activity in any course. Rather, students and faculty use this as a study resource and set of learning tools to enhance their understanding of human anatomy, biomechanics and pathology. The resources of this laboratory are made possible through the profound generosity of human donors.