Exercise Science Club


President: Julianna Kushnir
Vice President: Charlie Brunckhorst
Philanthropy Chair: Sebastian Altomarino
Treasurer: Peter Casella
Secretary: Christianna Fulford
: Dr. Valerie Wherley

Mission Statement

The Exercise Science Club is an undergraduate student-run club that looks to educate as well as advocate the health and wellness of all Sacred Heart students and the community. The EX Club allows exercise science majors as well as non-exercise science majors the opportunity to socialize and share the common belief in a health lifestyle. Meetings are held once a month so commitment is not as time consuming. The club allos members a unique chance to attend regional ACSM conferences, especially the individuals that take part in the clubs events, all which focus on one part of SHU LACES: Leadership, Academic, Community, Exercise, Service.

Past Events

With the funds that raised from the Trick or Treat Trot, 24 EX students were allowed to participate and go to presentations at the New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (NEACSM) on Friday November 15, 2013. The two-day conference entitled, "Embracing our Disciplines" was held in Providence, RI attracting over 1,000 exercise professionals, physicians, physical therapists, students, professors and researchers from throughout the Northeastern United States. Three students competed in the College Bowl, placing 5th in the overall competition. Throughout the conference many undergraduate students presented their research. Because of their involvement with the club, students were able to see the many different career paths and options available to them in the exercise science field.

Possible Upcoming Events

Easter Egg Fitness Hunt

This event will occur throughout main campus. Members of the Exercise Science E-board will hide various Easter eggs containing exercise and other fitness tasks. An individual who finds an egg and performs the exercise correctly will have the opportunity to win prizes. Members of the EX club will be hiding in plain sight to make sure all tasks are completed. In certain instances some tasks may be filmed to measure the success of this event.


The participants will attempt a maximum lift in BENCH PRESS and SQUAT or TRAP BAR DEADLIFT and will have a two-lift total. We will take the players combined score to get their final weight. Each player will get $.01 / $.05 / $ .10 donations per pound (flat donations are acceptable).  The amount of your pledge will be the result of the players combined squat and bench scores. We will be using the formula: BFS formula is Actual Weight + Actual Weight x Actual Reps x .03.