Clinical Experience

The purpose of the clinical experience is to offer students the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge and skills into practice under the tutelage of a site supervisor or Clinical Instructor. The clinical rotations are systematically selected and planned to ensure students the opportunity to observe, plan and practice in a variety of settings. Through these clinical rotations, it is our expectation that students will demonstrate an increased understanding of the following:

  1. Basic knowledge of operational procedures regarding the daily functioning of the clinical site
  2. The needs of the population(s) served at the clinical site
  3. The day-to-day role of the Clinical Instructor
  4. Integration of health/fitness/training principles pertaining to normative and clinical populations

During the semester, students will be placed at a minimum of four different clinical settings, offering a breadth of experience. Locations include clinical settings such as cardiac and bariatric rehabilitation, corporate fitness centers, sport performance centers emphasizing both adult and pediatric populations, college strength training programs and community health and wellness centers.

Clinical Affiliations

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Valerie Wherley, Ph.D., EP-C, CPT
Clinical Education Coordinator & Clinical Assistant Professor
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