Michael Manning - A Single Shot

A Single Shot

Michael Manning

            Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?  I have.

How could this happen?

            One day, driving home from class, this jet black BMW was on my tail.  When I merged on main road, I was on his tail.  He slowed down.   So I passed him and he honked at me.  Then he sped up and I cut him off.

             I watched him in the mirror.  He stayed behind me.

            When I came to a “Stop” sign, the BMW pulled up next to me.  I looked over and I saw the driver had a gun pointed at me.  A single shot fired.  A moment later, I was in a different place.  A really different place.   I saw my grandmother.  She looked very peaceful than when I last saw her, about to be packed away.