Mark Podesta - I Cried Because I’m With You in Rockland

I cried because I’m with you in Rockland


Mark Podesta


I cried because I'm with you in Rockland,

Will the pages stick after they are wet,

And folded over one another?

Will the pages be ruined

If I close the book;

If I lose the page?

Will I leave myself with you in Rockland

And make a pilgrimage with my body

To the place where I will be buried?

I suppose only if I close the book.

I closed the book.

And it sits on the liminal windowsill

And it is a body of tears waiting to be dredged

The windowsill is not covered

And neither are the panes

But the sun does not caress the book

It does not shine on you in Rockland

It does not shine on me in Rockland

It does not shine on us in Rockland

I am most definitely with you in Rockland