Iyesha Jalloh - Ode to Revolution

Ode to Revolution

 Iyesha Jalloh

The canvasses of my mind tried to evade chiliastic visions of a formidable future between us.
But my subconscious seized my thoughts with dreams of your body entangled in mine.
In this extreme effort taken to calm my undying want for you, I only discovered a resilient desire that diminished my inherent capabilities to rationalize.
My frustrations seemed to emerge like the grave dissensions needed to fuel a revolutionary discourse.
My heart had gathered ammunitions and my fingertips were wholly consumed with writing the Manifesto of Love.

As I waged this mental war, I contemplated the unfathomable.
I wished to quiet your democratic pleas, with my selfish wants.
Even endowed with monarchial powers, I found no secular policies that could sway your dissensions.
I relegated to calming my revolutionary prospects, crowning you the victor.
For you, my darling, are my bureaucratic killer of hope that has centralized control over my mind and heart.