Noelle Monk - How to Prepare for a College Date Night

How to Prepare for a College Date Night

Noelle Monk

            The guy of your college dreams asks you out on a date for this Friday and dinner and a movie are on the agenda. You’re excited, but you’re also a bit nervous. I know your mind is probably going a million miles per hour—“What am I going to wear? Should I go dressy or casual? What should I order? A salad’s my best bet, right? What movie are we going to see? I hope it’s not that new scary one about feral children.”— But don’t worry just yet! Tell your brain to take a chill pill before it explodes. I’m here to help you out and give you my tips and tricks to prepare for your date with little to no stress

Try to get as much information out of your guy as possible. Where are you going? What restaurant are you going to? What kind of movies does he normally go see? Once he sheds some light on his ideas for the night—hopefully he’s not trying to keep everything secretive—you can start planning.

We’ll start with your outfit. Get an idea of where he’s taking you to eat. I doubt he’s planning on taking you to a five star restaurant, so feel free to leave your mini dress and your stilettos tucked away in your closet. Dark-wash skinny jeans are always a safe bet and a cute pair of flats will never go out of style. My advice? Stay casual with a statement piece to dress your outfit up. You can’t go wrong with a bright shirt, a blazer, or a chunky necklace to spice up your look.

In her article, “10 First Date Tips,” written for Discovery Fitness and Health, Maria Trimarchi writes about her picks for a first date outfit. “The truth here, though, is that your confidence will take you further than the shoes you choose. But even if you're confident in your T-shirt and jeans, you shouldn't count on them to make a good first impression. Take a cue from where your date will be: Whether you're dining at an upscale restaurant or a corner cafe, you'll want to dress appropriately for the venue.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Next up is dinner. Go for something light. If you don’t normally order salads when you’re out with your family or friends, then don’t order one to impress your guy. Trimarchi recommends, “Sure, you'd like to hear the specials. But if they're a list of gassy, garlicky, greasy or messy foods, avoid ordering them. Stick with menu items that are small and light (no one wants to be bloated on a first date) -- and don't forget to check for post-salad greenery in your teeth.”

As for the movie, discuss your choices ahead of time. He loves horror movies and you love chick flicks. Maybe meet half way and go see a comedy. Everyone loves to laugh. Try to pick a genre before you go out. Compromise and see something you’d both get a kick out of.

Date night has the possibility to be very nerve wrecking, but don’t let it ruin your night! Pick your outfit ahead of time to cut down on the time it takes for you to get ready. If you’re still anxious about it, do a test-run the night before. Get ready like you would for your date and have your friends give their opinions. If you can get the name of the restaurant from him, do some online research. Check out the menu and pick out a couple of options for yourself. If you settle on a movie, go online and look at the trailer. Check out the reviews too. If it looks like a dud, then let your guy know and pick something else out.

Date night is supposed to be carefree, so have fun with it! Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Hopefully my advice was helpful and you can have a stress free night with your guy.


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