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Keisan Gittens

Love is being happy with sadness.  Content with disappointment.  Seeing inconsistency as the only thing that is consistent. Love is antsy. Love is zealous.  Love is uncertain.  Love is out of control and doesn’t know which way to go. Love is not a smiling girl but rather a jealous boyfriend who thinks he deserves you.  Love is one of those things you call something else such as family or music, jealousy or hate. Some argue love is automatic.  Why do we say “One love or One God?”  Why are Love and God that similar?  Because they share one thing in common. They both hang around the scene, the edge of existence and non-existence and call themselves “intangible.”  Look!  That might be love off in the distance.  Typical love.  Something off in the distance.  Love is walking home alone in the autumn night in the streets of a suburban area filled with gangsters and hoodlums and praying Psalm 23.  All saying that prayer ever did was make me wonder just “how” it worked.  Love is entering a musky room and turning on the lights.  You know you might anger someone you can’t see. Love is harsh to you.  Don’t worry— that’s just Tough Love. You’ll thank love in the end for being hard I mean. She has 17 different names that she goes by.  None of them mean love. Love claims to be honest. Love is free. Love does not love herself.  Love needs you to love her and she will love you. Love is really just your dog.  Not something you would entertain but that thing that keeps you going.  The only thing you put up posters for when it is lost.  Or maybe love is hope. Hoping you find it.