Mark Podesta - Refinement


Mark Podesta



Quick close edged scrapes from a wooden block.  There is an excess of wood that curls off the block from the shaving.  Splinters protrude and obstruct the aesthetic beauty of the cut block.  Dig in to the wood and slowly curve the edge to make perfect circles for eyes.  Sand paper is needed to get the rough edges to conform to firm and clean curves. 

Look as closely as possible at every turn, every shape, every shade of color, the height and the width.  Make sure every detail looks identical to the idealized product.  Finish the wooden figure that resembles the perfection of self that you are trying to attain.  Place the flawless interpretation on a shelf seen at every angle of the room.  Dust will slowly collect on the figure as the life that it signifies begins to age and meander. 

Years pass like cars in a left lane on the highway of individuality.

The stale representation of “self” you carved out of a splendidly raw and visceral wooden block is finally attained.  But a goal made in the past will keep the past.  The transformative process does not always yield the results hoped for. 

Change, inspiration, appearance, emotion and intellect will bring bountiful gifts of self-epiphany laced with misery and regret.