Evan Morse - Some Say

Some Say

Evan Morse


Some say life is a journey, a path upon the way,

I say life is a lesson taught from day to day.

Some say life turns with the tide,

I say life is stored inside.


A force breathed into all at birth,

It is a chance, a hope, of impossible worth.

A beauty within, a code unwritten,

Its element unknown to man, a knowledge forgotten.


Yet all that exist functions in its code,

From the Serpent to the whale to the toad.

All exist in the unknown,

Its beauty however surely shown.


It is in the world that surrounds,

Life is seen everywhere and all around.

The birds in the air,

The child in a mother’s care.


The moon wanes and the dead decay,

But new life is created each day.

And so what is one life worth?

To be able to function on this beautiful earth.