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A thought is distinct from an action, separate from its intention and unaware of its result. Sometimes I think that I am just a thought un-manifested, due to broken Potential. Really my thoughts are just a car on a road because I find myself thinking in loops, committed to one way of thinking and sharing the same ideas as other people. People cut me off. I drive through familiar territories. Other times I find myself in jams, on less travelled roads, stopping to accommodate others, driving off the road, driving off of cliffs, and even driving under the influence. Mostly my driving is solitary but there is room in the back and shotgun is available but sometimes I regret picking up strangers. From a driver's point of view I think it's funny that people start off as strangers and then eventually we end up swapping labels calling each other friends, lovers, coworkers, enemies, depending on what circumstances the relationships are under. Wouldn't it be funny if people said to each other, “You're a stranger, let’s keep it that way.” Lets remain strangers. I guess technically that's what we're saying to every person that we ignore. Like driving in different types of weather, relationships can be slippery, cold, foggy, clear as day or dark to name a few.

As a driver I think driving sometimes takes too long. A person once told me that time is a man made concept, usually used as a cure for worry and anxiety and a way to teach someone patience; for time distinguishes events from one another. As a driver though, distance distinguishes events from one another. But is time a consequence of distance or is life a sentence, an allotment of time in a place? You are sentenced to 45 minutes in the oven under the conditions of 350 degrees. On that note, how arbitrary are the instructions for people? You know? Born in Egypt in 1979. A place in time. Distance is a way to spend time. It's more progressive to think of life as an allotment of time on a path.


 [anq1]Perspective might be a better word??

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