Forgotten Arms - Brent Middleton

Forgotten Arms
Brent Middleton
So I was dashing through the city, the guards breathing right down my neck!
Right, right.
And I was running along the roof of this building, hopping from one to the next.
That’s crazy!
Ha, yeah! I ran straight out of there into this forest, and I finally got to cool off in some shade.
Right, that’s good.
So the forest leads me straight to this sprawling field of cherry blossoms, stretching out far as the eye can see.
Tell me about it. Most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life, I’m proud to say. But it’s the next thing that really dropped my jaw.
Well let’s hear it then?
I’m walking through the field, and I see this lil’ old lady sitting down against the biggest blossom.
Lil’ old lady?
Yeah. So I walk over, being curious and all. And when I finally introduce myself and she lifts her head up from the ground…
It’s my mum Arnold! It’s my bloody mum. I haven’t seen her since I was 10!
The hell! You haven’t seen your mum in 10 years??
No! I was so shocked I stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. And you know what she did next?
Well stop teasing and tell!
She gets up, hobbles over to me, falls on her knees and takes me up in her arms, saying “My little boy, run from me and now come back. Thank God.”
Ha! Isn’t that something.
Sure was. I’d forgotten the affection of those arms…


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