Tornado in the Heart - Justine Q. Bassomb

Tornado in the Heart

Justine Q. Bassomb

Compared to all disasters
My world
Is anything but harmony
Emotional catastrophes
Screeching symphonies
The heart perpetually
In between emotional resonancies
My smile is loud
Pleasure petit
Dancing feet
Jingle to the mambo beat
Stutters and coughs
Reverses and curses
Loving you
Do you love me?
Can I, never be free?
Of this powerful aroma
Streaking from your pores
From this delicate flower
Resting on your hair
As I count the days
Of our committed commitment
Realization backhands me
Long remembrances
Eternal marriage
Leaves much
To swallow
Years turn into decades,
With me;
Standing by
Eyes cry
Waiting, miles high
When will you get it,
This sweet dedication of mine
Ripping me down
Tearing me apart
The Cyclops
At my back
Limited vision in store
Leaves me with
The same tornado at my door
Pull up the floorboards of my heart
Tear the sheetrock from the arterial walls
Then will you see
The loyalty of me
A small box in the corner
Salvaged from the remaining rubble
Scripted with your name
My love in a bubble
Inside are snapshots
From all our time as “one”
Even from the periods when you said,
“Honey, I’m done.”
Though you are still alive
And the tornado has passed
Misery shields me
Like Styrofoam and glass
You’ve driven through this place
With tank trucks
And battle gear
Still I find myself,
Ever near,
Your voice
Your face
Dimples and all
Keeps me safe and sturdy
Within this cliff- fall.

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