The Trees Sway with Your Holy Song - Justine Q. Bassomb

A Damaged Silhouette  
By: Julia Zioto
All genius is born from an innocent silhouette
Her playground is confined
Aching memories store her brain, tamper her logic, and leave only cavities
A liberating mind, now tampered, left hoaxed
Though appears with composure, it takes only one knock to deliver pandemonium
Restrictions, society, false when true, leave this girl with no map
How can a trail be found with no map?
Weeping eyes and spiked ears pierce her silhouette
Homeless, she supplements this with pandemonium
Stories of pain inside these welcome mats stay confined
A professor, doctors, shrinks spell lies and suggestions pour to replace a business deal hoaxed
After appointment and after delay all this girl leaves with is a freshly planted cavity
Mr. Gloom is the greatest God to cavities
His instructions guide like that of a legend on a map
Instructions rarely come intended and promises once made are hoaxed
Painfully, perfect sorrow, drips on her silhouette
Her garden of experience grows yet her lessons stay confined
Restless agitation starves her of this place and opens another mourning door to pandemonium
She escapes to this pandemonium
All she feels are her cavities
Her large words remain confined
Never to be opened, never to be heard, never to be placed on a map
Questions unanswered, equations unsolved, drench this silhouette
-Again hoaxed
Just use addition when subtraction is obviously hoaxed
Fear that this weakens pandemonium
An honest silhouette
Burned with sixty-three cavities
Discoveries of treasures cannot compare to what’s and who’s to that’s and theirs, on her map
Nothing is ever really certain and always undoubtedly confined
Her world is secure from intruders only if confined
For if she were free from pain, memories would escape, trickling out-hoaxed
No police could trace that map
What society could meet this disturbance, her evolving tunnels transcribe a fate drowning pandemonium?
Her graffiti sets in like a cavity
An extinguisher blasts freedom to a damaged silhouette
Insecure, alone, and withering- this pandemonium forces her to a world confined
All love and energy spits cavities- all hoaxed
Like breaking a mirror following a trail of glass, this unlucky silhouette moves backwards,
Without navigation, without a map.


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