Mediocrity - Kelley Bligh

Kelley Bligh
All good things must come to an end
That’s what they all say
For fear of clichés
And their inherent truth
And those things they’re always saying
I make a plea to you my dear
That you not make us too good
And bring about our demise
Even though I plan our lives
Together in my head
We must never say it out loud
I mourn what will never be
Because it could never be
That queen sized bed that’s all ours
Where we’d sleep in every Sunday
Our Monday kiss off to work
A Friday sigh it’s over
And flop on the couch
Our couch
In our very own house
Half way between your parents and mine
And it’s perfect
Which is why it will never be
Our nights we will never spend in
Watching TV, cooking dinner
Our days I imagine we spend out
Walking our dog and playing on the beach
Because, yes, we still make time to play in my fantasy
Just try not to make us too good my dear
Or we never will play again
Or even be together again
Because nothing this good can stay for too long
I am perfectly happy
Completely content
But for this alone I know it will end
I wait on the edge of forever
For our time together
To split
To sever
Don’t get me wrong honey
It’s not that I want it
Ever to be over
But I do know that
Right now we’re just too good
To survive the rules of love and loss
And I’d rather settle for mediocrity
Than a life without you at all
So please
Whatever you do
Just don’t make us too good my dear


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