Freezing to Life - Brent Middleton

Freezing to Life
Brent Middleton
Ice crept about his chest
Gently nudging his heart awake.
Across the wintery plains, he squinted
And made out a silhouette whose figure was tinted.
The heavy snowfall pounding against his face
Caused a pause in his determined pace.
Suddenly, his target disappeared
And as his world turned upside down,
he began to tear.
Ice crept about his chest
Encasing his heart in a tightening vest.
His lips grew blue and his eyes grew dry
As he tried to catch his breath afore he died.
And before he knew it, he was in a tight embrace.
He squinted through the creamy white haze
Into the eyes of a girl he hadn’t seen in days.
His heart immediately began to burn
And from it, the ice was quickly torn.
He sat up and gazed into her deep blue lakes
Just as the earth began to shiver and quake.
An alarming blue moon suddenly loomed over the two
As if peering from the outside, into a zoo.
The little boy smiled as his imagination whizzed and whirled
And with one final shake, he held the globe up happily and twirled.


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