SHUsquare is an online community for our First Year Seminar students and faculty to share ideas, work and resources. It is designed to enliven teaching and learning.

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Dr. Gary Rose on the 2012 election results & his latest book
Part 1:  Election Results
Part 2:  Latest Book Research

Dr. Sue Deschenes and the Honors' Students Presentations
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Faculty and Students
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SHUsquare has been developed through the innovative work of:

The Dean's Task Force on the Virtual Public Square

* Marie Hulme, Chair
* Gary Rose
* Jerry Reid
* Michelle Loris
* Anita August

* Jim Castonguay
* Brian Stiltner
* Mike Bozzone
* Nancy Boudreau
* Fran Grodzinsky

* Robert Tullonge
* Funda Alp
* Jaya Kannan
* Greg Golda
* Pilar Munday

 Information Technology

* Robert Tullonge
* Robyn Johnson

* Adrianna Dattoli
* Luis Gonzalez

Videographer - Tom Naclerio


 Marketing & Comunications/Web Content Management

* Nancy Boudreau
* Tracy Deer-Mirek
* Jennifer MacLeman

 Masters of Communication Faculty and Students

* Jim Castonguay
* Julien Duplessis
* Judah-Lev Dickstein
* Kelly Elliott
* Zach Frank

Pilot Faculty

* Anita August
* Jesse Bailey
* Cara Erdheim
* Greg Golda
* June-Ann Greeley
* Carol Hampton

* Mark Jareb
* Ken Knies
* Michelle Loris
* Richard Magee
* Jennifer McLaughlin
* Steve Michels

* Amanda Moras
* Patrick Morris
* Jerry Reid
* Gary Rose
* Brian Stiltner
* Tom Terelph