Current Programming

Hersher Institute Programs

University Ethics: A talk with James Keenan, SJ

AY 2016-17
Theme: The Ethics of Discourse
Speakers: Todd May, Professor of Philosophy, Clemson University, “What We Must Affirm”
Rev. James Keenan, Boston University, “University Ethics” (See posted video)
Faculty Reading Group
Tedx Talks by Professors Jesse Bailey, Stephen Briner, Michael Carriger, Greg Golda, Sheryl Kayne, and Brian Stiltner (See posted video)
Faculty Workshop



AY 2015-16
Theme: The Ethics of Big Data
Speakers: M. Lynn Markus, John W. Poduska, Sr. Professor of Information and Process Management at Bentley University, “Prospects and Pitfalls for Corporate Data Responsibility”
Faculty Reading Group
TEDx Talks by Professors Frances Grodzinsky, Andra Gumbus, Stephen Lilley, and Jose Mendoza
Faculty Workshop


AY 2014- 2015
Theme: Ethics and the Distribution of Wealth
Chad Fentress, VP Global Ethics & Compliance | Applied Materials
SHU Economists: Economists' Forum
Faculty Reading Group
TEDx talks
Faculty Workshop

AY 2013-2014
Theme: Ethics and Higher Education
Jon Malesic, Associate Professor of Theology, King's College
Douglas Anderson, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University
Faculty Reading Group
TEDx Talks
Faculty Workshop

AY 2012 - 2013
Theme: The Ethics and Politics of Food
Kelly Brownell, Duke University
John and Lynn Holbrook, Holbrook Farms.
Faculty Reading Group
TEDx talks.
Faculty Workshop