Minor in Women's Studies

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What will I study?

Women’s Studies is an academic, interdisciplinary program oriented to the study of women and gender. Students select courses cross-listed in Women’s Studies and other disciplines, including: Communications, Criminal Justice, English, History, Literature, Media Studies, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Work, and Sociology.  The minor in Women’s Studies also provides students with the opportunity to pursue independent study courses, with the approval of the Faculty Board, to complete the minor.  The program draws on new scholarship about women from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in order to examine and analyze traditional models of thinking and to develop creative ways to explore the roles of women and their experiences.  Theoretical and critical debates that have influenced modern gender studies are also an integral part of the curriculum.  Women’s Studies provides students with the opportunity to enrich their academic experience by examining the impact of gender as an organizing force and cultural construct in society.  Students are encouraged to explore the meaning and application of such understanding to their own lives.

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Is a minor in Women's Studies right for me?

Students in all majors can obtain a minor in Women's Studies. Students pursuing the minor must enroll in WS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies, preferably at the beginning of their minor course of study. They then should select five courses (15 credits) from at least three disciplines that have been cross-listed as Women's Studies courses, including courses in Criminal Justice; Literature; Media Studies; Foreign Languages and Cultures, Psychology; Religious Studies, and Sociology. 

Minors in Women's Studies are encouraged to participate in a mentored semester-long service learning project. The student's final course in Women's Studies will serve also as the capstone course for the minor. In addition to elective course offerings, other interdisciplinary courses or independent study courses that are consonant with the philosophy of the Women's Studies may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor, upon approval of the Women's Studies Board of Faculty.

What co-curricular activities are available?

Throughout the academic year we offer students the opportunity to interact with faculty through informal meetings, to attend special guest speaker lectures, panel discussions, round-table discussions, book discussions, research days, and volunteering opportunities where the focus is on helping women.

What are my career options with a minor in Women’s Studies?

There are a wide variety of options for you with a minor in Women’s Studies. It provides the background for students pursuing employment in both the public and private sectors including nonprofits and NGOs where women and girls make up the majority of the customer/client base or where gender and sensitivity to diversity are areas of concern. The minor can be used in a number of careers such as social work, psychology, nursing, criminal justice, media, human resources, management, marketing, and public relations.