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Courses Required

  • Arabic 101/102: Introduction to Arabic** 
  • HI 236: History of the Arab World: from Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire*
  • HI 238: History of the Modern Arab World (since the end of the Ottoman Empire)*
  • PO 314: Middle Eastern Politics
  • RS 215: Introduction to Islam (particular focus on study of Qur'an)

*At least ONE of the two History courses must betaken. If a student opts out of the second History course, then the student MUST complete a Capstone Independent Study upon consultation with the Program Director. 

Selected Additional Courses

  • RS 211: Ancient Cults and Religions (religions of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Persia)
  • RS 217: Introduction to Western Religious Traditions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity)
  • RS 299: Introduction to Judaism
  • PO 316: South Asian Politics
  • AR 208: Introduction to Eastern Art
  • __ 399: Capstone (Independent Study in specific discipline in Middle Eastern Studies)

**Arabic will be offered every other year. Students interested in pursuing the minor should adjust their course scheduling accordingly.