Student Testimonials

Anthony Russo | Digital Communications Major & Music Minor | Norwalk, CT

Anthony Russo Hello, my name is Anthony Russo. I am a junior and a member of the percussion section here in the band. Music in one of my biggest passions and was a big factor in my decision to come to Sacred Heart. I’ve been playing music for over a decade now and I wanted to find a college that had a band program so I could continue my love for music. If you are nervous about joining marching band, especially if you have little/no marching experience, I would say there is no reason to be nervous because the level of difficulty is every easy for anyone to reach. There are also people that are willing to help you learn how to march. The band program is also a great way to find friends here at Sacred Heart and is especially helpful if you’re a commuter, like myself. The Sacred Heart Band is a great community and I would recommend that anyone join the program.

Nikki Bettinelli | Social Work | Chelmsford, MA

Nikki Bettinelli Hi my name is Nikki Bettinelli and I am a sophomore. I am a member of the percussion section and I am a Social Work major. When applying to schools Sacred Heart was my last choice because it was so far away from my home and family. However, when I came to the accepted student’s day and met members of the band I was instantly accepted and welcomed! It was an atmosphere unlike any of the other schools I applied too. I knew after that day that SHU was the place for me. When I moved into SHU I was nervous and also sad because I would miss my family. After only an hour I knew that being far away from my family wasn’t a big deal because I was now apart of a new family, a family of over 100. Runners always talk about getting a runners high. I believe that musicians get a similar feeling that comes from listening to or playing music. The first time I played music with my new family I received that feeling. It was in that moment that I knew I made the right decision and that my next four years will be incredible!

Jonathan Schores | Health Sciences | Stoneham, MA

Jonathan Schores Hi, my name is Jonathan Schores and I am a freshman trumpet player here at Sacred Heart. Music has always been a huge part of my life and when looking at colleges, Sacred Heart stuck out since it was clear the school was driven by the arts. I decided to join the band even though I had no prior marching experience. This proved to not be an issue since everyone made assimilating into the band a breeze and a wonderful experience. By the end of band camp, I already had a whole new group of friends and felt at home at Sacred Heart. I am now nearing the end of my first semester and I cannot see myself anywhere else, the Sacred Heart band is a special place and I look forward to the next four years in band! I hope you join our family! (especially if you play trumpet)!

Christa Marzitelli | Nursing | Madison, CT

Christa Marzitelli Hi! My name is Christa Marzitelli and I am a freshman nursing major here at SHU. Recently coming from the college application process, I know how stressful, exciting, and a little bit scary it all can be. When I was debating between universities, a major factor of my decision, besides the very important aspect of academics, was extracurricular activities. Joining the Sacred Heart University Band not only helped ease the nerve-wracking transition from high school to college, but also gave me a sense of belonging. Coming into college, I was worried about juggling everything that I wanted to be involved in. With the nursing program, dance company, clubs, volunteering, and band, would I spread myself too thin? The upperclassmen however are so eager to help. If I have a question about anatomy or I need help registering for classes they are willingly there with the answer. Without the people in band I would be lost. I can honestly say the students in band have become some of my closest friends in college and I am so grateful for this. Creating music together and learning though our passion for music has made us better people and musicians. I hope the rest of your college application process goes smoothly for you and I hope to welcome you into the family we call the SHU Band.