SHU's guard program is a phenomenal group of students who love to spin! The program is split into two parts. In the fall semester the guard is part of the marching band which performs a field show for home football games and at a few high school exhibitions. We also will spin in a parade or two, such as the Columbus Day Parade in NYC. Toward the end of the fall semester, the transition begins toward Winter Guard which continues through the Spring semester. The Winter Guard competes at the local and national levels in the MAC (Musical Arts Conference) and WGI (Winterguard International) circuits.  

Members must be part of the fall Color Guard to be eligible to participate in Winter Guard. Both flag and weapon skills are utilized, though weapon experience is not required. Members must complete an audition prior to the fall semester to be a member of the guard program. The Winterguard competes in the Independent A class in MAC and WGI.
The Guard at Sacred Heart is also unique in that we are one of the only guard programs in the country to have an academic component that supports the guard program. We are lucky enough to have a dance department that is eager to collaborate with other performing arts areas. Therefore we created a dance and movement basics class that all guard members are required to take in the fall semester. This class is taught by professional dancers and choreographers and is intended to get everyone on the same page with terminology, techniques, and skill level of basic dance and movement techniques. No prior dance experience is required. This class is not only for experienced dancers to keep their skills at a high level, but also to help less experienced students learn dance basics to support the guard program as a whole.

2017 - 2018 Staff
  • Bert Serrano
  • Ray Rhodes
  • Gail Bottillo
  • Louis Hellinger
  • Michael Kinner
  • Syreeta Shelly
  • Jackie Kelly Aarons
  • Sally Hong 
2017 - 2018 Competition Schedule
  • February 10 - Northern Valley, NJ (MAC) - 1st place - 68.5
  • February 24-25 - South Brunswick, NJ Regional (WGI) - Finalist, 5th place - 73.60
  • March 17-18 - Bethlehem, PA Regional (WGI) - Finalist, 9th place - 76.4
  • March 24 - Norwalk HS (MAC) - 1st place - 81.4
  • March 31 - Jonathan Law HS (MAC) - 1st place - 84.4
  • April 7 - Trumbull HS (MAC Championships) - 1st place, MAC IO Champions - 88.4
  • April 11-14 - Dayton, OH (WGI World Championships)  - Preliminary Round Score - 82.2

More Information

Andy Kolar
Assistant Director of Bands
Tel: 203-396-8396

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