MA 110

Business Calculus

  1. Brief Review of Algebra
    a) Exponents
    b) Factoring
    c) Quadratic equation

  2. Limits and Derivatives
    a) Function concepts
    b) Limits and continuity
    c) Definition of the derivative
    d) Derivative formulas
    e) Business applications

  3. Applications of the Derivative
    a) Maxima and minima
    b) First and second derivative tests
    c) Business applications

  4. Logarithmic and Exponentional Functions
    a) Definitions and properties
    b) Differentiation
    c) Applications

  5. Integration
    a) Indefinite integrals
    b) Definite integrals
    c) Applications


    Learning Outcome 1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of linear, polynomial and rational functions and their applications.

    Learning Outcome 2: The student will understand the concept of limits and continuity.

    Learning Outcome 3: The student will understand the concept of the derivative.