MA 106


PREREQUISITE: Placement Exam or permission of the Department Chair

1. Equations & Inequalities

A. Linear equations – applications & zeros
B. Complex Number System
C. Quadratic Equations

(1) Factoring
(2) Completing the Square
(3) Quadratic formula
(4) Discriminant
(5) Analyzing Graphs of the Quadratic

D. Rational Equations
E. Absolute Value Equations
F. Linear Inequalities

(1) Compound inequalities
(2) Absolute Value Inequalities

2. Functions & Graphs

A. Functional Notation – domain & range, graphs
B. Linear Functions
C. Algebra of Functions
D. Symmetry & Transformations

3. Polynomial & Rational Functions

A. Definition of a Polynomial
B. Zeros of a Polynomial
C. Finding Polynomials with given zeros
D. Graphing Polynomials using the degree & zeros
E. Rational Functions:domain & asymptotes

4. Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

A. Inverse functions
B. Exponential Functions

(1) Graphs
(2)  Number “e”

C. Logarithmic Functions

(1) Converting between exponential & logarithmic equations
(2) Natural logarithms & Changing Bases
(3) Graphs
(4) Properties of Logarithms

D. Applications

Learning Outcome 1: The student will understand the concept of a function as a special relation.

Learning Outcome 2: The student will be able to graph functions based on transformations of the elementary functions.

Learning Outcome 3: The student will use the concept of a function to model real world data.