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Student Works

As part of the course requirements for Sacred Heart University’s First-Year Honors Seminar taught by Gary Rose during the fall of 2012, students were assigned the task of conducting a survey regarding the political values and orientations of the Class of 2016.

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How some of our students have been recognized

  • Kelly Leather was named a Fulbright Scholar for the forthcoming academic year. She is scheduled to study/work in Albania.
  • Paul Breslawski’s paper on Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone was awarded the third place prize in this year's Writing Across the Curriculum's writing contest. Nick Kapoor’s paper on Justice William Brennan received an honorable mention prize.
  • At the WXC poster session, Nick Kapoor’s poster titled “The Greats: Do Great Presidents appoint Great Supreme Court Justices?” was selected as one of the three most outstanding solo authored poster projects
  • Paul Breslawski and Nick Kapoor are the recipients of the Gold and Silver Medals in Political Science, respectively
  • Kevin Medeiros was recognized by Connecticut Department of Higher Education Community for his exemplary record of service