Amanda Moras, Ph.D.

Amanda Moras, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Amanda Moras' professional interests include Racial and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Violence, Gender, Sexualities, Labor and Immigration, Feminist Theory and Qualitative Methodologies.

Degrees and Certifications

    • Ph.D. 2007, Sociology, University of Florida
    • Certificate of Women’s Studies and Gender Research, 2007, University of Florida
    • M.A. 2005, Sociology, University of Florida
    • B.A. 2003, Sociology William Patterson University

Teaching Responsibilities

    • Introduction to Social Theory
    • Applied Social Theory
    • Diversity and Oppression
    • The Sociological Imagination
    • The Society and the Individual
    • Sociology of Gender Research

Research Interests & Grants

    • 2012 University Research and Creativity Grant, Investigation into the Occupational and Emotional Experiences of Sexual Assault Crisis Advocates
    • 2009 Central Connecticut State University, Dean’s Research Initiative Grant
    • 2009 Central Connecticut State University, Diversity Grant, Gender Identity and the Law
    • 2006 University of Florida, Ruth McQuown Dissertation Award, Paying for Domestic Work: White Women Negotiating Race, Class and Privilege

Honors, Awards & Fellowships

    • 2011 Sacred Heart University, Research and Creativity Course Release
    • 2011-2012 Sacred Heart University, Faculty Development Travel Award
    • 2007 Dickinson College, Faculty Research Award
    • 2006 University of Florida, Vandiver Teaching Award

Publications and Presentations

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    2012 Rebollo-Gil, Guillermo & Amanda Moras. "Black Women and Men in Hip Hop Music: Misogyny, Violence and the Negotiation of (White Owned) Space.” Journal of Popular Culture.

    2011 Liberato, Ana S.Q., Guillermo Rebollo Gil, John D. Foster, & Amanda Moras. “Latinidad and Masculinidad in Hollywood Films.” Reprinted in Martin Bulmer and John Solomos (eds) Latino Identity in Contemporary America. Routledge.

    2010 Moras, Amanda. “Color Blind Discourses in Paid Domestic Work: Foreignness and the Delineation of Alternative Racial Markers.” Ethnic and Racial Studies. 33, 22.

    2009 Moras, Amanda. “The Private Home as a Public Workplace: Employing Paid Domestic Labor.” Journal of Workplace Rights.13,4.

    2009 Pomeroy, Ana, Guillermo Rebollo-Gil, John Foster & Amanda Moras. “Latinidad and Masculinidad in Hollywood Scripts” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 32, 6.

    2009 Sberna, Melanie Hinjosa & Amanda Moras. “Challenging Colorblind Education: A Descriptive Analysis of Teacher Racial Attitudes.” Research and Practices in Social Sciences, 4, 2.

    2009 Moras, Amanda. “The Force of Domesticity: Filipina Migrants and Globalization.” Ethnic and Racial Studies. 32, 6.

    2008 Moras, Amanda. “bell hooks.” In Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnicity edited by Richard Schaefer, Sage Publications.

    2008 Moras, Amanda. “Domestic Work.” In Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnicity edited by Richard Schaefer, Sage Publications.

    2007 Moras, Amanda, Berardo, Felix & Constance Shehan. "Black American Families." in Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations edited by Joe Feagin and Hernan Vera, Kluwer Press.

    2007 Koropeckyj-Cox, Tanya, Victor Romano & Amanda Moras. “Through the Lenses of Gender, Race, and Class: Students’ Perceptions of Childless/Childfree Individuals and Couples.” Sex Roles, 56, 415-428.

    2006 Rebollo-Gil, Guillermo & Amanda Moras. "Defining an ‘Anti’ Stance: Key Pedagogical Questions About Engaging Anti-Racism in College Classrooms.” Race, Ethnicity and Education, 9, 4, 381-394.

    2006 Shehan, Constance & Amanda Moras. “Deconstructing Laundry: Gendered Technologies and the Reluctant Redesign of Household Labor.” Michigan Family Review, 11, 39-54.

Amanda Moras

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