Course Descriptions

SW101 Introduction to Social Work     3 CR
Explores the profession of social work as a career choice. Focuses on generalist social work practice as a societal response to social problems with an orientation to professional knowledge, skills, values, and ethics. Prerequisite: SO 110

SW140 Perspectives on Family Violence     3 CR
The effects and characteristics of family violence from the legal, medical, and social perspectives, incidence and preconditions of child abuse, spousal abuse, and elder abuse are studied. Prerequisite: None
SW224 Human Diversity and Social Justice     3 CR
Provides students with a framework for understanding how diversity characterizes and shapes the human experience and is critical to the formation of identity. Prerequisite: None

SW265 Social Welfare as a Social Institution     3 CR
An introduction to the social service delivery system and resources, the values and ethics inherent in policy, and the role of the social work profession. Includes a global perspective on comparative social welfare systems. Prerequisite: SW101

SW266 Social Welfare Policy and Services     3 CR
Examines how social policy is formulated and implemented with a focus on the inequalities and inequities in social welfare policy that express institutional discrimination. Emphasizes the development of macropractice skills. Prerequisites: SO254, SW265, and PO121.

SW267 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I     3 CR
Theories of human development with emphasis on stages of the life cycle, human diversity, and the biological, psychological, socioeconomic, spiritual, and cultural influences on development. Prerequisites: BI010 or BI030, PS110, and SW101

SW268 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II     3 CR
A study of diverse family, group, community, and organizational systems and their impact on human development and behavior. Theoretical knowledge and assessment skills will be emphasized. Prerequisite: SW267
SW275 Social Work Practice I     3 CR
Emphasizes the generalist model of social work practice, the use of systems theory, the strengths perspective, and professional values and skills to facilitate the planned change and problem solving process. Prerequisites: Junior standing and SW101

SW278 Junior Field Practicum     4 CR
Internship for two days each week in a human service agency where students are professionally supervised in social work practice with clients and the community. Prerequisites: SW265, SW267, SW275, and departmental evaluation for admission to Intermediate Major Status. Co-requisite: SW279

SW279 Junior Field Practicum Seminar     2 CR
Taken concurrently with SW278, this course facilitates, reinforces, and supports field-based learning. Emphasizes engagement, assessment, planning, interviewing skills and professional values and ethics. Co-requisite: SW278

SW 299 Special Topics in Social Work     3 CR
Designates new or occasional courses that may or may not become part of the program’s permanent offerings. Courses capitalize on a timely topic, a faculty member’s particular interest, an experimental alternative to existing courses, etc. Prerequisites established by the program as appropriate for the specific course. Course title is shown on the student’s transcript. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and current prerequisites.

SW375 Social Work Practice II     3 CR
Examines intervention skills with families, groups, communities, and organizations using the planned change process. Introduces spirituality in social work practice. Prerequisite: SW275

SW378 and SW380 Senior Field Practicum I and II –      4 CR each
Professionally supervised Senior internship for two days per week. Integration of theory with practice and the development of appropriate skills and knowledge, along with professional identification, values, and attitudes. Prerequisites: SW278 and SW279 and evaluation for admission to Degree Candidacy Status. Co-requisites: SW379 and SW381
SW379 and SW381 Senior Field Practicum Seminar I and II     2 CR each
Emphasis is on professional development, the use of research methods to evaluate one's own practice, and application of theory from the entire curriculum to professional practice. Co-requisites: SW378 and SW380

SW390 Research Methods for Social Work     4 CR
Development of research skills for evaluation and enhancement of social work practice. Emphasizes research designs, sampling, practice evaluation, program evaluation, measurement instruments, and basic statistics. Prerequisites: Junior Standing