Clubs & Organizations

Social work students have developed a Social Work Student Organization that they use as a forum to discuss and debate issues affecting them within the Baccalaureate Social Work Program. The Program supports the activities of this group by providing a faculty member to serve as Advisor to the Social Work Student Organization. New social work majors are encouraged to attend meetings as part of their orientation to the Program.

The Social Work Student Organization has been effective in providing students with a collegial network. Students support one another in their identification with the Program, in their entry into the profession, and in meeting program standards and expectations. They provide concrete assistance to other students by offering tutoring and information about practicum settings. The Social Work Student Organization facilitates students in their professional growth and development by encouraging self-advocacy and concern for others' issues. Within this group, students are encouraged to discuss their concerns about the Program and to advocate for their interests within the university community. Through the auspices of the Student Organization, students have an opportunity to discuss issues and problems with program faculty that they might have difficulty communicating individually.

Students also carry out the planning and implementation of membership activities in their organization through community service projects, program service projects, and social events. During some academic years, the student organization has been active in implementing food and clothing drives and bake sales to provide resources for those in need during holiday seasons. Speakers are often invited from the professional community to address the group about specific areas of social work practice. Overall, the Social Work Student Organization provides an opportunity to maintain group membership, to develop leadership and group skills, and to organize around common interests, concerns, or needs.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club commits itself to the Social Work program and the Sacred Heart University Community.  It focuses on mentoring the underclassmen, field placements, professional writing, and issues pertaining to social work careers.