Important Concentrations Within the Computer Science Field

Computer science is a growing field encompassing a wide variety of professions such as programming, web development, software engineering and cybersecurity. Broadly speaking, computer science is a branch of mathematics that focuses on computability (i.e. can we solve this problem) and complexity (i.e. what's the best way to solve this problem). This field makes heavy use of formal logic and algorithms (a list of step by step instructions).

Programming is essentially writing instructions in order to solve some problem or automate some function, and it has been around since well before there were even computers. The modern interpretation of programming would have you utilizing programming languages (Java, C, C++, Python) to give a computer instructions. You would be a professional problem solver.

Web development is the art of designing and implementing web pages. Even the page you're looking at now was designed by a professional web developer. Web development can be similar to programming in that you give a web browser instructions on how to format a website but many web developers take on multiple roles including coming up with the design of the page, writing content for the page, testing the page, and optimizing the page for search engines.

Software engineering is the more business focused cousin of programming. As a software engineer you would learn methods for researching, designing, and developing software. Software engineering is also highly focused on how to work efficiently in a team, as many big software projects require large amounts of manpower and cooperation. The Windows operating system, for example, contains 50 million lines of code, not something that you're going to be writing without a team of people.

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting valuable information and information systems from damage, tampering, or theft. Sometimes that's as simple as being in charge of who has physical access to what hardware/software or making sure the hardware systems avoid accidental damage. As a cybersecurity specialist you could be involved from the ground up in the development of the software, ensuring it is secure before it's even available to the business, and other times you could be brought into a business in order to improve on the security of already existing hardware or software.

All of these professions within the computer science field are full of opportunities for those willing to learn, and computer science is projected to continue growing in the coming years.   

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