Growth Careers Within Computer Science

Careers in computer science and cybersecurity are among the most stable and fastest growing fields in the job market. Keeping data and information secure is an area that is in constant need of improvement as computer science helps to push technology further into making science fiction a reality. If you are interested in looking into your options for careers in computer science, here are some of the top paying and fastest growing positions to consider.

Software Security Engineer

This actually covers a wide range of possible tasks. From deploying training problems to helping establish the latest requirements for installing applications, this position is always a unique challenge. You have to stay on the cutting edge of technology so you understand the different risks associated with software applications and the security measures to minimize those risks.

Security Officer

Obviously, the chief security officer receives the highest pay, but anyone on the team can get the necessary skills and experience to become valuable members of the IT team. Your job is to stay aware of the latest threats to computer and networks, as well as how to counter them. The job is incredibly stable and has room for advancement.

Security Consultant

If you don’t like to be tied down to a single company, you can become a consultant. This is one of the most challenging careers in computer science (security or any other technology field) because of the wide range of requests clients will have. It not only helps keeps you on your toes, this position means you get a wide range of challenges and areas where you can improve your current skills.

Security Architect

This is a high-level position in security that requires several years of experience before you can qualify. You will be both building and maintaining technology for the company, from hardware and networks to the Cloud and software needs. You have to have a thorough knowledge of the company’s current structure and know what the latest technology has to offer. From there, you make decisions about the best approaches to implementing and securing the company’s technology. It’s a difficult position, and one that requires strict attention to detail.  

Software Engineer

This is an area that is in constant demand and yet there aren’t nearly enough professionals to meet the current needs. You can do literally anything with software, which means you can pick an area and computer language to specialize in something that you are passionate about. If you are currently employed and are looking to make a change, you can put your current expertise to work making software for your field.

Network Security Specialist

This is one of the fastest growing careers in computer science and security, but it is also a highly competitive fields. Many companies don’t understand the value, so you will spend more time looking for an open position than some of the other fields. However, once a company becomes accustomed to having someone to manage the security of their network, it becomes nearly impossible for them to give you up.  

Database Administrator

Also called a DBA, this position can be a very high earning job. The catch is that they can be expected to work very long hours as they are typically expected to be on call 24/7. One the positive side, there is usually a rotation schedule, so you shouldn’t be the only one on call. You build and maintain databases, so if you do it well, you can minimize the amount of work or risk that you will be needed over a weekend. 

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