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The Web and the Importance of Cybersecurity


Cyberspace is a domain generated from the interconnection of computers and telecommunication networks around the world. It is used to store, modify, and exchange data via networked and related physical structures globally, regardless of physical geography.

Applications and the Importance of Cybersecurity

‌‌‌‌‌Cybersecurity Importance

As apps become more popular, mobile has become a major target for cyber crime. According to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, this could be due to the sheer number of mobile users. Currently, more than 197.4 million (79%) of the U.S. population use smartphones, with that number expected to surpass 90% by the end of 2017.

The Origin and the Future of Firewalls


A firewall serves the purpose of keeping danger from outside away from destroying something important. When trains were a popular form of transportation, they normally used coal furnaces. Unfortunately, these coal engines would explode at times, causing a great fire that quickly spread to the passenger sections of the train. In order to protect passengers, (after all, dead passengers don't aren't repeat riders) walls were built around the engines to prevent fires from spreading. These original firewalls are the basis of the modern firewall used to provide security to computer users on the Internet.

Internet Forensics - The Wild West

‌‌‌‌‌Internet Forensics

The Internet is the new frontier. It is a place many have gone, but there are still a lot of things to discover. In some ways it is like the Wild West; there is wild unknown country, and there is a lot of lawlessness going on. The problem is the newness, and as usual, criminals or thieves are a step ahead of law enforcement. If you like the idea of riding patrol on the Internet, looking for clues and gathering information that could solve a crime, Internet Forensics might be just for you.

Cybersecurity And The Importance of Log Files

‌‌‌‌‌Log Files

Thanks to advancement in technology, more people and companies are using information systems in their daily activities. However, these information systems are susceptible to threats that might lead to the loss of vital information or even physical damage to machines. Cybersecurity, therefore, refers to the protection of computer systems from external threats. The concept of cybersecurity aims at securing information systems from malicious activities such as theft and damage to data, hardware and system software. It provides computer security personnel with the flexibility to control access to information systems.

From Malicious Hacking to Professional Hire

Malicious Hacking

There has been significant media coverage in the last few years about computer hacking and the people who use technology for malicious attacks. However, more and more companies are finding productive uses for individuals who are skilled hackers and programmers as expert security advisers. Anyone who has significant knowledge of cybersecurity and hacking practices is likely to find an employer who will benefit from their services.

Data Security Within The Expanding Cloud Environment

Data Security in the Cloud‌‌‌

News stories of hackers and data leaks seem to be everyday occurrences. These stories make the cloud feel wild and dangerous with rogue bandits guarding every road on the super highway of the World Wide Web. The truth is that these stories are largely exceptions. If you consider the amount of data accessible to the web at any one point of time, these leaks are a tiny fraction of the data out there. The truth is that the vast majority of data is carefully protected and monitored by people with cybersecurity careers.

Growth Careers Within Computer Science

Careers in computer science and cybersecurity are among the most stable and fastest growing fields in the job market. Keeping data and information secure is an area that is in constant need of improvement as computer science helps to push technology further into making science fiction a reality. If you are interested in looking into your options for careers in computer science, here are some of the top paying and fastest growing positions to consider.

The True Definition Of Hacking Within The Computer Science Field

Computer Hacking

The truth behind what hacking really means in the computer science field is a complex question. The word "hacker" itself has a history predating modern computers and technology by at least a hundred years. However, the modern use of the word relates specifically to the everyday devices you use at home and in the office.

A Day In The Life Of A Cybersecurity Professional

Information security and cyber security are significant, interconnected professions within the computer science field. The field appeals to those who enjoy problem solving, research, and documentation. To give a comprehensive look into the job - the following outline will give a glimpse into a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional.

Important Concentrations Within the Computer Science Field

Computer science is a growing field encompassing a wide variety of professions such as programming, web development, software engineering and cybersecurity. Broadly speaking, computer science is a branch of mathematics that focuses on computability (i.e. can we solve this problem) and complexity (i.e. what's the best way to solve this problem). This field makes heavy use of formal logic and algorithms (a list of step by step instructions).