Faculty & Student Productions



Crossroads - Rural Health Care In America

Healthcare is one of the paramount concerns of our times. Providing 
all Americans with access to quality healthcare is one of the most 
complicated social policy issues faced by our nation.  The unfortunate
 truth is not all Americans have access to basic care.  In the United States,
the divide is not just between rich and poor or the insured and uninsured.
It is also about where you live –- in an urban or rural area. No place on 
earth exemplifies this fact more starkly than the poverty stricken areas of
the Mississippi Delta.  Vision Project’s documentary follows the doctors,
nurses, community organizers and patients who are part of an innovative and
well-planned healthcare network. Instead of focusing on the difficulty of
the situation, they have chosen to focus on a solution.


Holding Back The Surge - New Orleans

This documentary focuses on the rebuilding of the Hurricane Protection System
by the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina’s impact 
on New Orleans was devastating. It profoundly changed the lives of many of the 
residents who lived there. After the storm, it became abundantly clear that the hurricane defenses were 
completely incapable of protecting the city. It was left to the Army Corps of
Engineers to design and build a new system. The focus of the documentary
is on the $14.5 billion dollar construction project and how that system 
will protect the city. At the same time, many residents are trying to rebuild their lives. The film
addresses the issue of security and the concept of ‘Home.’ This portion
incorporates residents & community organizers from the 9th Ward and St. 
Bernard Parish who were hit hardest by the storm.





Making a Difference

The events of September 11th have changed America forever. Over the past decade Americans have witnessed other events that have had an impact on the daily lives of our citizens. Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill, and a host a smaller incidents throughout the country. Closer to home, the impact of Hurricane Sandy has proven to be a catastrophe for certain areas. Each of these events placed considerable demand for assistance on the local first responders. In many situations, volunteers from local communities could have contributed greatly to the recovery. However, while the need was great, the number of volunteers was insufficient. Working in collaboration with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, Sacred Heart University is working to resolve this problem. The goal is to create the Emergency Reserve Corps.



Josie: A Story About Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that presents itself at birth. Individuals with Williams Syndrome develop a number of medical problems, 
including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning 
disabilities. However, these individuals are extremely friendly, usually have striking
verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. There is no
cure for Williams syndrome. It is estimated to affect 20,000 to 30,000 people in the
United States alone. The documentary focuses on a wonderful, little girl named, 
Josie Portnoy. In addition to Josie's personal story, we have integrated a
number of doctors, teachers & other professionals involved with Williams
into the story. Our goal is to create an in-depth, comprehensive film that looks
at the conditions and complexities related to Williams Syndrome.


Mission Matters

Mission Matters documents Sacred Heart University's commitment to the people of the Gulf Coast. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and Coastal Mississippi, Sacred Heart students, faculty and staff came together to help those affected by the storm. This was the beginning of an eight-year commitment for the University. This film focuses on the Habitat for Humanity’s mission in Lucedale, Mississippi.  Sacred Heart University remains committed to serving those in need affected by natural disasters.


Miracle Man by Marc Gaignan

The Miracle Man  

The story by Marc Maignan focuses on the strength and determination of one man’s battle with cancer and the courage and compassion he shares with his family. The film is inspiring to anyone who watches it.