Athletic Communications and Promotions Curriculum

Athletic Communications and PromotionsSports Communication and Media graduate students participate in practicum and internship experiences that showcase their production skills and critical thinking ability even as they produce written work and multimedia content as part of their everyday class work. Students who move through the SCM program will develop a theoretical, aesthetic, and historical understanding of the sports communication field, and will acquire the knowledge and technical skills necessary to pursue careers in the digital world of the sports media industry.

For students interested in Athletic Communications and Promotions, a featured element of this track in SCM is the close integration that the program has with Sacred Heart University’s athletic program. Under the guidance of the SCM Athletic Communications Coordinator, students in this track will be partnered with specific Division 1 sports teams throughout their time in the program, and will complete substantial work in this area while enrolled in Sports Practicum I and Sports Practicum II classes.  Students in the Athletic Communications and Promotions track will create multimedia content for publication and broadcast for these teams. Building upon this real-world professional experience, all SCM students will graduate with an accomplished digital portfolio/production reel of their work.

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SCM offers both a Masters degree that features an Athletic Communications and Promotions track and an Athletic Communications and Promotions Certificate.

Plan of Study for MA with Athletic Communications & Promotions Track

Full Time/1 year with FALL start

Part time/2 years with FALL start


Module 1 Sep-Oct

Module 1 Sep-Oct

 CM550 Sport Communication in the Digital Age

 CM519 Multimedia Communication I

 CM519 Multimedia Communication I

Module 2 Nov-Dec

Module 2 Nov-Dec

 CM520 Multimedia Communication II

 CM562 Sports Journalism

Module 3 Jan-Feb

 CM561 Studio Sports Broadcasting

 CM555 Sport Media Production

Module 3 Jan-Feb 

Module 4 Mar-Apr

 CM555 Sport Media Production

 CM551 Sports, Culture and the Media 

 CM656 Sports Media Practicum I

Module 5 May-June

Module 4 Mar-Apr

 CM565 Sports Communication and Social Media

 CM551 Sports, Culture and the Media

Module 6 Jul-Aug

 CM657 Sports Media Practicum II

 CM566 Sports Media in a Professional Context

Module 5 May-Jun


 CM565 Sports Communication and Social Media

Module 1 Sep-Oct

 CM696 Internship 1

 CM550 Sport Communication in the Digital Age

Module 6 Jul-Aug

Module 2 Nov-Dec

 CM566 Sports Media in a Professional Context

 CM562 Sports Journalism

 CM697 Internship 2

Module 3 Jan-Feb


 CM656 Sports Media Practicum I


Module 4 Mar-Apr 


 CM657 Sports Media Practicum II


Module 5 May-June


 CM696 Internship 1


Module 6 Jul-Aug


 CM697 Internship 2

Plan of Study for Athletic Communications & Promotions Certificate

  • CM550 Sport Communication in the Digital Age
  • CM551 Sports Culture and the Media
  • CM565 Sports Communication and Social Media
  • CM566 Sports Media in a Professional Context
  • CM656 Sports Media Practicum I – SHU Athletics Department
    • OR CM696 Internship I in Athletic Communications and Promotions