Political Action and Media Production

The goal of MLDC is to graduate students who have the media literacy skills necessary to critically analyze the intersections of media and culture while fostering their creativity and social awareness. MLDC students will develop the ability to communicate across media and understand the profound ethical and social responsibilities that come from being a professional communicator. MLDC places individual courses within an overall curricular pathway to bring together the theory and practice of communication within the contemporary media environment with a specific focus on vulnerable populations and social inequality.

The Political Action and Media Production concentration prepares students to make a difference in their communities through a curriculum that emphasizes both production and analytical skills.  All students in this concentration will create a digital portfolio and a multimedia capstone project that addresses a social or political cause or movement.

The classes in the Political Action and Media Production concentration introduce students to digital production platforms along with focused study on the ethical responsibilities of media producers and the role media play in reinforcing or challenging social inequality. While anyone may pursue this concentration it may be of particular interest to activists, community organizers, non-profit directors, media practitioners, and people working in political communication.

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