Digital/Multimedia Journalism

The master of arts in communication digital/multimedia journalism (DMJ) program at Sacred Heart University is an intensive hands-on approach to learning for the video journalist, documentary photographer and filmmaker. The program is broken into six eight-week segments that offer the student the opportunity to explore their interests and master their craft. Students can finish as quickly as one year taking classes two nights each week or in two years taking classes one night each week. 

About the Program

Today journalism is in the midst of a revolution in the way news is covered and will be covered in the future. It is driven predominantly by two factors: technology and economics. A single individual—the digital journalist, is gradually replacing the traditional “teams” of professionals that were formally used to cover a story. Digital cameras and laptop editing are making this former model of news coverage obsolete. The digital journalist is emerging as the model of the future. DMJ students will focus on this emerging new concept and be ready to enter the workforce. Throughout the program students will develop the technical, editorial and theoretical skills necessary for preparation as a digital journalist. Emphasis will be placed on research, writing, ethics, interviewing, reporting, recording video and audio, editing and producing. The digital journalist must not only master all of these skills, but also be prepared to work in all of the emerging formats of “new media.” Hands on classes will guide students through distinct photo and video projects that will incorporate all of the necessary skills required of the digital journalist.

 Your goal will be to understand the methodology of journalism and produce quality content that will propel your career. Students are graded on their completed projects, story pitches, scripts, effort and ability to work with their fellow students. Students are also issued a MacBook Pro laptop and software that you get to keep after graduation and are issued your own DSLR kit for the duration of the program.

Internship Opportunities

‌‌Our students come with varying levels of experience. Some have never picked up a camera or reported a story. Others have already started working as professionals. What we do is help all students develop their skills to the next level. Students will receive expert instruction in operating digital cameras, Final Cut Pro editing, Photoshop, field audio, writing and reporting. In addition, the program offers students internships and mentorships that will enrich their experience and serve their career goals. The program works closely with Vision Project and other news organizations and agencies to facilitate these internships (such as NBC News, ABC News, News 12, ESPN, Connecticut Post, HBO and many others). Vision Project has partnered with Sacred Heart on numerous projects in the past. It is an organization dedicated to the development of investigative journalism, documentary photography, multimedia, film and education.

By the completion of the MACOMM degree, students will have compiled a robust portfolio of professional materials that demonstrates the advanced skills necessary to excel in their respective job sectors. Along the way, student productions will also be distributed, broadcast and/or published through various media outlets while they are completing their MACOMM coursework.

More Information

For information regarding MACOMM admissions process and applications deadlines, contact Pam Pillo at 203-365-4716 or

For information regarding our financial aid program, contact Matthew Magliocco at 203-371-7983 or

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