Degree Requirements

In the MACOMM program, there are foundational courses in theories, methods and ethics; a sequence of multimedia production courses; required internships; and a capstone portfolio project. The capstone is completed in close consultation with a faculty mentor or a MACOMM‐partnered professional mentor from the student’s field of interest.

MACOMM Required Courses | 24 credits

  • CM 501: Media, Culture and Communication (3 credits)
  • CM 502: Professional Communication in the Digital Age (3 credits)
  • CM 503: Media Ethics in a Professional Context (3 credits)
  • CM 517: Multimedia Production I (3 credits)
  • CM 518: Multimedia Production II (3 credits)
  • CM 617: Advanced Multimedia Production (3 credits)
  • One Elective (3 credits)
  • Capstone (3 credits)

MACOMM Concentrations Courses | 12 credits

Corporate Communications & Public Relations (CCPR)
CCPR students learn to plan, create, and distribute multimedia publicity for organizations and businesses. MACOMM gives anyone interested working in a corporate or non-profit environment the professional multimedia skills they need to attract a wide range of employers.
  • CM 696PR: CCPR Internship I (3 credits)
  • CM 697PR: CCPR Internship II (3 credits)
  • CM 698PR: CCPR Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)
  • CM 699PR: CCPR Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)

Broadcast and Digital Journalism (BDJ)
The BDJ program updates the skill sets of practicing journalists while also training aspiring journalists to be a one-person crew and “all platform” news producers in the post-print, digital era. Although traditional journalism outlets are facing a moment of crisis, this change provides new job opportunities for news producers and new media journalists trained in the latest technologies and multimedia techniques.

  • CM 696MJ: BDJ Internship I (3 credits)
  • CM 697MJ: BDJ Internship II (3 credits)
  • CM 698MJ: BDJ Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)
  • CM 699MJ: BDJ Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)

Digital/Multimedia Production (DMP)
For MACOMM students not looking to enter the professions of corporate communication/PR or journalism, the DMP option allows them to gain advanced production skills tailored to their specific interests in areas like sport/athletic communication, advertising or advanced digital film and video production.

  • CM 696DM: DMP Internship I (3 credits)
  • CM 697DM: DMP Internship II (3 credits)
  • CM 698DM: DMP Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)
  • CM 699DM: DMP Digital Portfolio and Mentorship I (3 credits)

Communications Certificate

In addition to the full master’s degree, the MACOMM program also offers three 12-credit graduate certificates consisting of CM501, CM502, CM517 and an internship and portfolio mentorship in the certificate's area of concentration.

Graduate certificates are beneficial to those who already have a master’s degree, and/or who are already working in the industry and seeking to update their skills in a specific area. Courses taken as part of a certificate may be applied to the full MACOMM degree upon admission to the degree program.