Corporate Communication & Public Relations

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Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with media messages. Countless companies and non-profits are clamoring for our attention. Most of these messages, along with the organizations that create them, are ignored and easily forgotten, but a few cut through the clutter. Today’s media industry needs passionate, innovative, and creative communication professionals who are capable of reaching key audiences. MACOMM’s concentration in Corporate Communication and Public Relations (CCPR) is designed for anyone who is ready to stand out and build meaningful relationships for brands, businesses, non-profit organizations, and public figures.

Students in the CCPR concentration will learn how to utilize traditional PR strategies in conjunction with the latest social networks in order to create integrated campaigns across multiple media platforms. Through its cutting-edge curriculum, MACOMM’s CCPR students master tools such as news releases, media kits, public service announcements, press conferences, and special events and understand how to amplify these messages through social media, mobile technology, and web apps. In order to develop these skills, CCPR students are provided with state-of-the-art tools—a new MacBook Pro laptop fully loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite professional software and Final Cut Pro, which are theirs to keep when they graduate.

Unlike other marketing and PR programs, MACOMM’s CCPR classes go beyond just media relations. We take a holistic approach to the industry so our students are able to build two-way conversations for clients through internal relations, investor relations, community relations, and B2B relations. Through a solid understanding of brand strategy, MACOMM’s CCPR students are able to tap into a client’s core values to develop creative multi-platform brand extensions that engage audiences and maintain customer loyalty by telling branded stories. At the same time, our students understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior making them well equipped to create campaigns that resonate with consumers and citizens.

As a result, MACOMM’s CCPR concentration is recognized as an emerging leader in the field of corporate communication and public relations. Our students are granted access to internships and site visits at the leading agencies, media corporations, and non-profit organizations in New York City and Connecticut. Top industry professionals come to our Fairfield campus to offer master classes and workshops to help prepare our students for the job market. Our mentorship courses and capstone portfolio showcase each student’s unique talents and abilities, allowing them to stand out as passionate, innovative, and creative communication professionals ready to tackle the challenges of public relations and corporate communication in the digital age.

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